posted by bbommarito on 27th Aug 2014, 8:13 PM

I officially have ratings...and subscribers and to be honest, I am rather shocked. Shocked, but also quite happy because at least it means someone is appreciating the comic and it makes me want to continue on for another month (I am sort of doing this comic month by month as there is a cost involved in having it illustrated).

Having said that, I am going to come up with something neat, maybe an illustration or something (Natalia might have a few ideas) and the first 10 subscribers will get it as a little thank you gift. Yes, I know it sounds kind of silly but I do honestly appreciate that people are, so far, liking the comic. When I started writing it, I wasn't really sure that it would even work, but Natalia has done an amazing job taking my half script/half novel documents and turning them into pages (I'm sure hating it at some points).

Also, on the topic of Natalia (Or Gusana as she is usually known), do go check her work out. She is an amazing artist and has a really great style about her work (Far different from what you are seeing here). She has links in her profile, but since I don't know how big of a pain it is to find those profiles: or

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